The Story Behind Kany Travel

The Story Behind Kany Travel

Hey there - welcome to Kany Travel! We are so happy you are here and reading this. 

Our names are (Ka)te and To(ny), clever...we know. The idea for our travel blanket really started a couple of years ago during a conversation about the struggles we had both experienced when travelling. We are both former athletes who were always on the go for games, tournaments, tryouts, and competitions. The list of ridiculous items we’ve used to keep warm on the road is endless, which we’re sure you’ve experienced yourself. 


(Okay maybe not to this extent, but you get what we're saying!)


This idea sparked us to look into what the market held for travel blankets that made travel more comfortable, but the options were slim. After reading through reviews on the few existing blankets on the market, we compiled the main issues people were having and got to work on the first ever Kany Travel blanket. We started selling on Amazon and it was a big hit! So now we want to build our brand and community by sharing our creation here on our own website with our fellow travellers to offer the best travel experience possible!

What we’ve created has everything you need to keep you cozy and comfortable while on the go. The blanket itself is large, lightweight but warm, and has a sewn in foot pouch to keep your feet toasty - game changer! The blanket neatly folds inside the separate pillow bag which has a backstrap that attaches to your luggage and bags. Simple, compact, and cozy.


We are pumped to keep growing our small business and sharing our journey along the way!


Safe travels, 



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