Summertime in an Outdoor Oasis

Summertime in an Outdoor Oasis

Keeping it Canadian has been the theme of travel for many of us since 2020. Earlier this summer, we went on a road trip to Eastern Québec, and landed in the beautiful town of Carleton-sur-mer.  

Have you ever visited such an amazing place and wanted to keep it a hidden gem? That was our first thought when we arrived here, but we decided this spot was meant to be shared!

In general, the province of Québec has it all - the ocean, the lakes, the rivers, the mountains. It’s a must see any time of year. But the summertime has really got it going on.

A warm sunny day spent at Farm Lake



Let me lay it out for you: a morning hike with views overlooking the town, a freshly brewed coffee right on the water, a lazy afternoon on a quiet river, finishing with an evening boat picnic at the local marina. If you’re liking the way this sounds, then Carleton-sur-mer is a must add to your bucket list. The outdoor activities are endless here with whale watching, fishing, boating, kayaking and river tubing on the water and camping and hiking on land. To us, outdoor adventures with good company are the ultimate idea of a good time.

Other local recommendations: Brûlerie du Quai café, Mont Saint Joseph hike, Cime Aventures (kayaking), Gaspésie National Park 

A lazy afternoon sitting on the rocks on Rivière Angers 

An evening picnic on a boat at the Carleton-sur-mer Marina 



Two and a half hours from Carleton-sur-mer is the iconic landmark called le Rocher-Percé, located in Percé. The surrounding town is something out of your small town dreams with old-age architecture right on the coast. On our way to Percé we stopped at a quaint little gin distillery called la Société Secrète that was previously a church. They kept everything original except now instead of serving wine they serve gin. Chin-chin!

Other local recommendations: Pub Pit Caribou, La Maison du Pêcheur, Plateforme Vitrée Suspendue (ziplining)

A cheers at la Société Secrète, an old church turned into a gin distillery  

Le Rocher-Percé, a well known landmark in the quaint little town of Percé


Québec, you have our heart. Although a popular destination for visitors, it seemingly remains an unsliced piece of Canada.


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