About Us

Who We Are

We are a young Canadian duo who found a missing piece in our own travel experience and decided to create the perfect blanket to fill the gap. We are both avid travellers and former athletes who have spent countless hours on planes, trains, cars and buses. We have used everything we could find to keep warm and comfortable during our travels but nothing on the market seemed to suit our needs, so we created a blanket that did. 

What We Make

We've upped the travel accessory game with an ultra soft and equally large blanket. The best part is the sewn-in foot pouch so you will never have cold feet again! The large blanket folds inside a separate compact pillow bag so that you can always have a cozy little piece of home with you wherever you go.

Our Mission

To elevate your travel experience by offering practical, high quality travel accessories that are suitable for all destinations. From our experience, we have learned that most travel accessories are not made with high quality material, enticing designs or are way over budget. We're changing that.

Our Future

The future is ready for take off with Kany Travel, with innovative travel accessory designs onboard! We are proud that our designs are fuelled by our community. If you have any colour, feature or product suggestions that you would love to see from us next, drop us a note HERE.


Safe travels,

Kate & Tony