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The blanket and pillow is so soft and very helpful for travel!!

Excellent purchase

Great travel blanket and pillow.

Travel Blanket with Pillow Bag
Perfect Grandmother gift

My first grandchild was just born so I will be doing lots of traveling in the future. I received this blanket/pillow/bag as a "Congratulations Grandma" gift. It is just perfect. I can't wait to use it during all my upcoming trips. I imagine it would make a great gift for those hard to purchase for friends and family members too. I know I will be giving it as a gift in the future.

So soft!

I travel for work and this blanket is perfect for the plane! I love the foot pouch. Definitely would buy again and again!

Simply Awesome

I’m a big fella so it’s hard to find throws that cover me when i need a nap in the recliner. This blanket is perfect. Keeping my feet warm is a nice touch. I hope more colours become available. It’s going to be great in the fall and winter. Thanks again.

my go-to blanket

I’ve had this blanket for one month now and it is genuinely my go-to blanket. It is SO soft and I loooove how warm it keeps my feet with the foot pocket at the bottom - so practical I can’t believe not every blanket has that. It’s also the perfect blanket for road trips because it packs up so easily and doesn’t take up a ton of space and isn’t awkward to carry around. I proudly brag about it everywhere I go!

Awesome Travel Blanket!

I love my new blanket, it’s great for travel, but really for anything, to cozy on the couch, tuck your feet in the foot pouch my favorite feature. Really easy to tuck back into pillow bag which is also great feature. Everyone needs this traveling or not.

Travel Necessity!

I absolutely adore my Kany blanket! I travel often for work, and this blanket keeps me cozy and warm no matter where I am. I recommend this product to everyone, regardless if you've caught the travel bug, or prefer to stay home :).


So freaking stoked. I've been having so much fun just hanging out in my kany travel blanket and pillow combo. With the added foot pouch my toes have reached a whole new level of stoke and comfort. Finally, a blanket I can be myself in! Hell yes!

Travel Blanket with Pillow Bag
Anushiya Sandrabalu

Omggg I love the travel blanket. It’s very comfy and cozy. Not only I use them for travelling but I used daily basis at home either on my sofa while watching tv or using it as my Blanket to sleep. It’s has a pocket for you put your feet when is cold. It’s very soft. I would recommend everyone to purchase this blanket. Stay comfy and cozy.


Sooo happy with this purchase! The material is high-quality, extremely soft, and the overall product is so versatile. I have been using it every day in my "at-home office"...and cannot wait to take it along with me on my next adventure!

Kany Travel Blanket

The Kany we bought has become a home essential. We use it almost every night while sitting on the couch watching TV. The blanket is so warm and soft. The dimensions are perfect. As per George Costanza. I would drape myself in Kany if it were socially acceptable. 😁

The Best!!

Incredibly comfortable and versatile. Keeps my feet warm and is the perfect sized pillow for a car/plane! Couldn’t recommend more!

My go to cozy and travel blanket!

I couldn't ask for a better blanket! It is so perfect for cozying up at home on chilly nights and IDEAL for road trips, plane or train rides! The pouch is so underrated, especially on a plane when my feet get chilly!! Highly recommend!

Ultimate roadtrip blanket

I can't go on a roadtrip without it. The perfect travel blanket finally exists!

Lifesaver for EMT’s

I work on a ambulance and when doing 24hr shifts I never know where I’ll be sleeping so this is a major lifesaver. The blanket and pillow are super soft! Extremely easy to fold the blanket back into the pouch and transform into a pillow.

Impressive multi use blanket

Buy this blanket and you will not be disappointed. Extremely soft and is not just a travel blanket, this is also an inexpensive solution for when you just want to snuggle up on the couch.

Super soft, cozy, and versatile

I love this blanket! I bought this blanket for a work trip because the convenience of the convertible pillow. The blanket tucks away inside a pillow case to double as a travel pillow. It even has a strap so I can attach it to my luggage. It’s essential for travel, but now I also use it when lounging around my house. It’s a permanent staple on my couch because it is so soft and comfy yet very chic. Such a good purchase!

A must if flying in 2020!

This blanket was perfect for a recent trip in needed to take. Especially since planes are offering almost no amenities (and I wouldn’t want a previously used blanket) it kept me warm and cozy on the flight. My family loved the softness and foot hole part so much, that when I got home I had to order a few more for them to keep! Would highly recommend this blanket!

Great for working from home!

Bought this as I’ve been working from home lately and also wanted to use it for curling up on the couch. Really loving the foot pouch on this blanket. Excited to use it when I can travel again!

High quality blanket

This blanket is awesome! Super soft high quality blanket. I love the design and foot pouch! It also folds up easily and is super convenient to travel with - love that it can be used as a pillow as well. Makes a great gift - can't wait to purchase again.

Just what we wanted

We were planning a train trip and they were just what we wanted. Great quality and design. Thank you for your product.

Perfect Travel Blanket!

This blanket is so soft and such a great travel blanket!

Soft and comfortable

I use it for lounging on the couch. It's comfortable and it works well. I kept it close by. I love it!

My travel go to

This is my favourite travel product ever! LOVE THE DESIGN.